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Josh Winston

Josh Winston

Financial Planner


Over the past 20 years Josh has found that there is a difference between knowing what to do and actually following through and doing what you set out to accomplish. This applies directly to the holistic, comprehensive financial planning process. This is why Josh established The Financial Planning Group LLC.

Financial literacy is key to success for Josh and the Financial Planning Group LLC. We provide financial education workshops through a variety of programs and our strategic alliances. 

It is important for clients to know that they are saving and investing in a way that is positioning them with the purpose in mind. The approach should be a careful balance between the accumulation stage of life and the distribution stage of life. Josh recognized that one financial company does not provide everything that clients need in their financial life. What we do is strategy based, accessing all of the capabilities that the financial profession has to offer.

Josh is married with two children, resides in Northern Virginia, and is a very active member of his community. He enjoys education, music and Jewish studies.