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Planning for Social Security Retirement Benefits

For some people, choosing the right time to file for Social Security
retirement benefits appears to be straightforward. Some choose to take
benefits at age 62, as soon as they become available. Some choose to
take benefits at the same time they stop working. While others delay
claiming benefits just to get a higher benefit payment. Unfortunately, it
might not be that simple. Indeed, for many, the decision is more

Most people should ask, and get answers to, the following questions:

• At what age should I file for benefits?
• At what age should my spouse file for benefits?
• When does it make sense to claim a spousal benefit?
• How do I make sure my spouse gets the largest survivor benefit?
•How do we know which of the common filing methods might be right
for us?
•If one of us lives a long life, how does that affect our decision?