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Our Process

At The Financial Planning Group, we believe in creating a clear and concise plan using a collaborative education process.  Once your plan is established, it is key to follow up with ongoing education and service to assist in achieving the goals that have been agreed upon.

Our Process is a combination of 6 key stages, that are executed with our 6 core values. The steps that you can expect to go through during the process are:

  1. Introduction and Discovery
  2. Data Gathering and Organization
  3. Analyze and Develop a Plan
  4. Strategic Recommendation
  5. Implementation
  6. Service and Plan Maintenance

To the left you will find our 6 core values which are essential to creating a successful plan. We truly believe in these values, and know that, combined with our 6 stage process, we can help you achieve your goals. For a larger, more detailed version please click the link below.

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